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Extreme Races Organization - XRO organizes extreme racing worldwide. Born from the experience of Paolo Barghini, several times world champion of extreme races and founder of World Running Academy that provides services to runners of all levels, and Massimo Taddei, owner of Yana Viaggi Tour Operator, a skilled and experienced tailor-made trips organizer around the world, whose motto is "Beauty no frills".

XRO - Extreme Races Organization mission is to offer the athletes the opportunity to put their body and mind to the test, challenging nature and opponents in a totally safe environment. By participating in XRO races, athletes will be totally immersed in incomparable surroundings, combining adventure and the format of multistage self-sufficiency ultramarathons with the knowledge of countries, people and traditions.

A successful formula, established by the last edition of the Iranian Silk Road Ultramarathon (ISRU) in the Dasht-e-Lut desert, southeastern Iran; already an historical race, the first after 38 years in which men and women have ran together.
A tough race, won for the full version of 250km from the Moroccan champion Mohamad Ahansal (winner, among others, of 4 editions of Marahon des Sables), and for the Lite version 150km from runner Rafael Fuchsgruber. Both the winners as well as all other participants, expressed their satisfaction both with the track, perfectly designed by Paolo throughout a desert with unique scenarios, for the organization and for the warm welcoming of the Iranian people.

XRO Management

The next scheduled races are the MARU - Maharaja Rajasthan Ultramarathon through the Thar desert, which will take place in March 2017, and the second edition of ISRU, scheduled for mid-September. Sign-up here.

There will be a third, exciting race scheduled for 2017: the Genghis Khan Ultramarathon (GKUM) that will take place in early July in the desert of Mongolia, with the same multistage format as the other XRO races, that will alternate pure desert landscapes and steppes scenarios, local ethnic groups, wild horses, vegetation and fauna. Pre-registrations here.

Another amazing race, scheduled for march 2018, is the Greenland Ultramarathon. It will take place while the snow is still solid, and is set to the substrate of mosses, soil suitable for running. Pre-registrations here.


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