MARU Program


250/150 Km – self sufficiency multistage race
Thar desert from Gajner to Jaisalmer – Rajasthan - India

MARCH 17-26 2017



MARCH17: Arrival to Jaipur airport. After all the runners will be gathered, transfer via private bus to Gajner. Dinner and overnight in Gajner Palace, a jewel in the Thar Desert, built by the Maharaja of Bikaner on the edge of a lake.

MARCH 18: Gajner/Raisar Camp: After breakfast, gear/medical check and morning briefing at Gajner Palace. Transfer to camp 01. En-route city tour of Bikaner, visiting Junagarh fort and other sites. Arrival at camp01 in Raisar. Pasta party. Overnight at the tented camp.

MARCH19: STAGE01 - Raisar/Desnokh Rohi, 41km. Arrival to Camp02

MARCH20: STAGE02 - Desnokh Rohi/Satika Temple, 38km. Arrival to Camp03

MARCH21: STAGE03 - Satika/Kundia/Miakor, 41km. Arrival to Camp04

MARCH22: STAGE04 LONG MARCH DAY01 - Kundia/Rinn Salt Lake - Jamba, 75km

MARCH23: STAGE04 LONG MARCH DAY02 - Kundia/Rinn Salt Lake - Jamba, 75km. Arrival at camp05.
After arrival, runners will have the day off.
In the late afternoon, athletes will be picked up from Jamba by private bus and transferred to Khuri Dunes area (tented camp05)

MARCH24: STAGE05 - Khuri Dunes/Desert National Park/Kuldhara desert village, 40km. Arrival to Camp06.

MARCH25: Kuldhara desert village/Jaisalmer fort, 15km. Triumphant arrival at the majestic Jaisalmer Fort.
End of the race. Sandwiches and refreshments for the runners. Transfer to the hotel and to the Award place.
Gala dinner, award ceremony and overnight stay in Jaisalmer area (hotel).

MARCH26: After breakfast, transfer from the hotel in Jaisalmer to Jodhpur airport for the return flight.