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WRA - XRO Extreme Races Organization plans and organizes extreme races in the most challenging and inaccessible lands on the Planet.
The project was born from the experience of Paolo Barghini extreme ultramarathon runner and founder of Running World Academy and Massimo Taddei, a specialist in the organization of tailor-made trips around the world with Yana Viaggi, whose motto is " Beauty no frills".

The next scheduled race is ISRU - Iranian Silk Road Ultramarathon: a spectacular race in the Lut desert of Iran, organized in collaboration with the Iranian government. An exceptional race in terms of athletic and landscape, as the Lut has a variety of terrain and geological formations that is unmatched - not least the presence of the hottest place on earth - but also historical: after 38 years, in Iran the ISRU will be the first race which will see men and women compete together. A great achievement for everyone.

The following races are planned in Patagonia and Mongolia.  
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RACE DIRECTOR: Paolo Barghini – Extreme ultramarathon runner
The story of Paolo Barghini is that of many in their forties who decide that after being idle on the couch for so long time has come to make a change, so he started running. Unlike many others Paolo, despite starting at age 42, has managed to become a champion of extreme racing by winning world competitions as Sahara Race in 2009 and RTP Jordan in 2012, as well as another series of podiums at the end of trail rides all over the world.
Starting with the marathon (he ran his first race just 50 days before the start of his runner career in 3 hours and 15 minutes) he then passed to ultramarathons on road, not disdaining to race the 10,000 meters on track.
In ten years he gained a lot of experience on every running distance, always with good results. In 2007 he graduated as FIDAL coach and since 2010 has decided to make available his experience to others, so he founded the World Running Technical Academy. His athletes have obtained important results and improved their personal activities using the working methods that Paolo experienced on itself so successfully.


EVENT MANAGER – Massimo Taddei  
Building on its decades of experience in organizing trips for groups and independent worldwide (specialized in India and the Middle Eastern areas) Massimo Taddei founded the tour operator Yana Viaggi. Always interested in religions and traditions, Massimo studied mostly Islam, Judaism , Hinduism and Buddhism. With hobbies such as symbolic architecture, literature (and food!) he has made ​​about 60 trips in a group or solo, of which thirty in India. He has a degree in Sociology and a PhD in Hindu Philosophy and Literature and a passion for beauty and nature that he is naturally able to convey at all levels.


MEDIA TEAM MANAGER – Beatrice Di Tomizio (Yana Viaggi)
She has been working for over two decades in communication and books/periodical editing  and production, especially in tourism, a subject on which she writes for two magazines.
President of the National Association for the Multimedia Communications, owner of the website on food intolerances www.ricettesenza.it, and author of cookery books.
She lived in Britain and traveled for work and for pleasure.


MARKETING MANAGER – Lucio Bazzoni (World Running Academy)
Born and raised in Milan, 57 years old, Lucio has always loved racing and traveling through deserts. His work experience took place in communication, in detail he worked in advertising, for the major Italian and foreign publishing houses. He deals with sponsorship and marketing for companies, events, exhibitions and trade initiatives for startups .